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Client Testimonial

“Our company worked intimately with and relied heavily upon McLellan Engineering. We could not have succeeded as quickly as we did - designing and readying our new consumer product for the marketplace - without their expertise and industry insight.”

Seth A. Hodes



We Develop Inventions You can Build a Business Around

McLellan Engineering takes inventions from concept to market. Our engineering and consulting can make your invention better and reduce manufacturing start-up cost.

We are a small family owned licensed professional engineering firm that works for you alone. Our focus is on inventors, entrepreneurs, and start-ups.

We develop first of kind inventions where engineering drives the design.

Most of our projects involve motors, custom PCBs, and some programming with all design and engineering done in house.

We approach every new invention with the intent it will be successful.

We develop inventions for clients all over the United States and Canada. We communicate with computer-generated renderings, emails, and phone calls.

We take your invention from an idea in your head to a manufactured product and keep you in control the whole way.

Get started for $175.

Call us today to start.




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