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Client Testimonials

" I would recommend McLellan for a variety of reasons. When I first contacted Bruce McLellan for assistance he was eager, thoughtful and inquisitive. He started asking pointed questions about my idea and after a few moments crystalized my thoughts and made a few suggestions that I had not considered. We then had numerous sessions and he subsequently sent me a preliminary drawing for my consideration. The next step was a prototype and after many discussions and a few changes came up with a finished product. Bruce and McLellan Engineering came up with suggested suppliers, quoted prices and finally arranged shipping…… In the final analysis, if you have an idea that you would like to see come to fruition…… McLellan Engineering will make that Happen !"

Paul V. Gaffney, President
Kleenkast LLc

" McLellan Engineering’s services are outstanding. We have hired them for multiple medical device design and development projects and they have consistently exceeded our expectations in quality, innovation and design.

Their services have allowed us to successfully complete projects on time and within budget. Additionally, when changes have been required due to changing specifications, or special requests they have worked with us to make the necessary changes in a prompt and accurate manner.

Bruce McLellan’s very knowledgeable background in rapid prototyping of small parts combined with his innovative designs makes McLellan Engineering a valuable engineering tool for any company."

Joshua Wiesman
TW Innovations, LLC
Wayland, MA

"Bruce McLellan did the engineering design work for me on a mechanical device I have invented and marketed.  He is creative, thorough, and efficient.  In short, he did what he said he would do and he got it done when he said he would.  In my experience, this is a rare and valuable trait among design professionals.  I would recommend him and his engineering firm without reservation for any project for which he says they are qualified."

Dan Ballard
ShieldShot, Ltd.
Austin, Texas

“Our company worked intimately with and relied heavily upon McLellan Engineering. We could not have succeeded as quickly as we did - designing and readying our new consumer product for the marketplace - without their expertise and industry insight. Bruce and his team continue to be an invaluable resource to our company, providing us with innovative and ethical guidance that maximizes our efficacy.”

Seth A. Hodes
Shirt Savers, LLC
Towson, Maryland

"I'm not an engineer or a designer, just your average, everyday individual. But I had an idea for a product and McLellan Engineering helped make it a reality. Bruce McLellan made the entire process very easy and was he extremely helpful and patient. It was a great experience working with him."

Bob Faulkner
P-Cubed, Inc.
Sparta, NJ

"Working with McLellan Engineering made my invention a reality. Bruce not only provided great insight to my project, he took the time to discuss the entire process of designing, manufacturing and bringing the invention to market. I highly recommend using McLellan as a resource for any new product."

Lisa Illman
Kritter Kommunity
Philadelphia, PA

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