We charge out in 4 hour retainers. Customers are free to end the project after each retainer. Customers much approve all retainers in advance.

We don’t have a sales person or a “project manager” to pay which means we can complete complex projects at a fraction of the cost of much larger firms. Using in-house prototype fabrication and facilities at TechShop means cheaper and faster prototypes than companies that have to use overseas firms or have no capability at all.

Our engineer Bruce McLellan is one of those rare engineers whose skill set includes schematic design, PCB Layout, programming, and board building in addition to mechanical engineering, CNC programming, CAD design, 3D printing, and short run injection mold design and fabrication.

Consulting Session

Typical Topics:


  • How to turn my idea into a product
  • What can I do on my own
  • Is my idea feasible
  • What kind prototype do I need
  • How much is it going to cost
  • Where do I start with my invention Idea
  • What material should I consider
  • Do I need a designer or engineer
  • How can I make the most money with my Invention
  • How to start a basic patent search yourself
  • Can I manage manufacturing myself
  • If not us what type of company do I need
Consulting session with Engineer to discuss Inventions. We charge because this is consulting, not a sales pitch. For best value a non-disclosure or patent application should be in place.

For a free estimate to develop your invention