We design your idea and get it made.

We design your idea and get it manufactured. If you watch Shark Tank, you know you need sales before you get investors. We are going to get you running with custom coaching design and engineering.

Start With an Idea


End With a Product

Manufactured Product. Safe Place Bedding Tent set up.

Our Process


Guidance from design to manufacturing.

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Turn your idea into a new product.

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Analysis to make sure your invention works as intended.

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Build your invention so you can test it.

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Get your invention manufactured.

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What We Do Best

  • Develop an excellent product for your customer

  • Get your idea manufactured in a way you can afford

  • Skip steps that do not make your product better

  • Coach so that you can run your startup yourself

What Our Clients Say

“Our company worked intimately with and relied heavily upon McLellan Engineering. We could not have succeeded as quickly as we did – designing and readying our new consumer product for the marketplace – without their expertise and industry insight.

Seth A. Hodes

“Working with McLellan Engineering made my invention a reality. Bruce not only provided great insight to my project, he took the time to discuss the entire process of designing, manufacturing and bringing the invention to market. I highly recommend using McLellan as a resource for any new product.”

Lisa Illman President, Kritter Kommunity

Our Work


Revolutionary Electronic Drum:

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Safe Place Bedding Tent set up and ready to use


Portable Sleeping Tent:

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Get your Idea into the hands of customers. Let us help make your startup a success.