Product Engineer

Bruce McLellan, Professional Engineer
Engineer And Founder

Bruce holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering.  Bruce is a licensed Professional Mechanical Engineer with over 28 years of new product design, development, and manufacture experience. He has designed and deployed products at Motorola Libertyville, Illinois back when Motorola was number one in cellular, and DELL Computer in Round Rock, Texas when DELL was number one in servers. He has patents with DELL and Motorola and with various clients.

Bruce had remained active in designing and developing new products since 1991. He has worked alongside Nobel Prize winners, factory managers, entrepreneurs, and other gifted engineers.

Bruce is hands-on, engineering, fabricating, building and testing what he designs. Over the years he developed hundreds of new products and designed and engineered thousands of parts.

Bruce’s engineering experience includes the Alberta Research Council, a technology incubator where he worked as an engineering consultant. He consulted on manufacturing plant layouts, and new product design and development. He helped manufacturing companies transition from cell manufacturing to just in time production lines.

Bruce has worked on defense projects at Global Thermo-Electric. He also has worked at multi-million dollar startups like HomeWireless Networks so his coaching advice is based on his real-world experiences working at large corporations and startups.

Chances are whatever it is Bruce worked on something like it.

For fun, Bruce likes weightlifting, watching B5, TOS, TNG, DS9, and STV reruns. He is an avid fan of Engineering, science fiction, and enjoys repairing appliances, building computers, and working on cars.

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