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We Turn Ideas Into Products

We are a small family-owned and operated Engineering Firm. We develop innovative solutions that solve complex problems.  Together, we will develop a high-margin product that gives your customers the most value for their money.  We will create a mass production solution that you can manage as you transition from inventor to founder. We can turn on a dime adding and removing mechanical, software, electrical, visual, and hardware features as needed.

Profitable new products need a lean approach to product development that only a small business can deliver. Our decades of experience saving you from wasting time and money with less experienced personnel. We offer a sustainable model so you can stay in business while your market grows. We offer realistic solutions to help get you to manufacturing within your start-up budget.

For a small firm, we have a lot of equipment, some designed and built in-house. With design, engineering, and prototyping in-house, we can handle complex projects and still keep them secret so you can be sure your product works before you patent it.

No need for a walk-in, we have been meeting with customers remotely since 2001. Since 1991 (pure engineering not management), our engineer has been designing new products, so a description and a couple of napkin sketches are enough to get started.

You are going to be part of the team. You will learn how to help guide the process from design to testing to choosing production vendors.   You can call with questions anytime.  You understand the problem, and we will work together to develop the best solution.

Where are you at with your Invention?

I need a Prototype Made

I have an Idea for a Product

“Our company worked intimately with and relied heavily upon McLellan Engineering. We could not have succeeded as quickly as we did – designing and readying our new consumer product for the marketplace – without their expertise and industry insight.

Seth A. Hodes