Our customers are all startups and Inventors. We believe being small is an advantage that allows innovation and radical changes that large companies cannot make. We also believe that small firms are going to do a better job for you because we live small.

We pick the best component suppliers and show you how to assemble your product yourself This:

  • keeps your product a secret until you are ready to sell
  • gets you profitable sooner
  • allows you to inspect all your product

As an engineering firm and product development company, we can design products and assembly equipment to work together giving you a manufacturing advantage.

With our fully developed products, you don't have to rely on a factory to complete your design so you have a choice of:

  • Where you make it
  • What it cost to make it
  • How many you make at a time

There are many options for manufacturing including:

  • Garage Builds
  • Starting a factory
  • Temporary assembly lines
  • Domestic Contract Manufacturing
  • Offshore Contract Manufacturing
  • Offshore Suppliers Domestic Assembly

Since we are a privately owned company we represent you and have your best interest in mind. We are working for you, not the factory. 

It is going to take time for an invention to catch on, the ability to slowly ramp up production may be critical for your long-term survival.

We agree that for startups the lowest cost labor is always found across a body of water, for our customers, it's the bathroom sink mirror.

Get Started on Manufacturing Your Invention