How To Get a Patent For a New Invention If You Have Little Money.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office United States Patent and Trademark Office USPTO offers Free Legal Services for Inventors. You should check if you qualify.

You can explore obtaining a provisional patent for you invention, which can offer numerous benefits at a relatively low cost.

A provisional patent gives you a one-year timeframe to devlop your product and determine your next steps. Look into LegalZoom or consider filing yourself at the USPTO.

In this one year, it is essential to put your efforts into developing your product and rigorously testing your invention to determine its viability. You can decide whether or not your invention is worth pursuing further by thoroughly evaluating its performance.

Once your new product reaches its complete development stage, you will likely identify additional design features to enhance its functionality and ensure optimal performance. These valuable insights can be incorporated into the patent application and may result in additional claims for you invention.

Our firm McLellan Engineering provides comprehensive physical product development services under one roof, including prototype design, development, engineering, and manufacturing oversight. This eliminates concerns about inventors haveing to use freelance designers and relying on overseas prototyping and design services.

We strategically manage the product development process so you can maintain confidentiality, ensuring that the full details of your product remain undisclosed until you are ready to sell it.